Looking for a new job is stressful, exciting, and exhausting all at the same time. We're here to help every step of the way. We take the time to get to know you and your career goals, so we can find you the right job, not just the next job. But a lot of staffing and recruitment companies say that, don't they? We're different and we're proud to be.


See why we are different


We do more than just place you in a role: we find you the ideal match. To do that, our recruiters take the time to get to know you—the real you. They'll work to understand your skills, ambitions, and working style to find you the perfect fit. We only show you jobs that suit your qualifications, and we check to make sure that your personality meshes with your new team and your new manager. We'll also ensure that the company where we place you aligns with your professional and personal goals.


We’re invested in your career—not just finding your next job. Besides taking the time to really understand your needs, we provide ample resources to help you grow as a professional. We want to build a foundation for a years-long partnership. Whenever you’re ready for something new—a new city, a new company, or a complete career change— we’re here for you.


When you work with Elite Jobs International, you'll feel that local difference. You'll work closely with recruiters who know you and local businesses really well. But that doesn't mean we just have local reach. Elite Jobs International office is part of a network of locations that share best practices and resources, and our parent company is the global leader in HR services. That means we can fill all kinds of positions, from temporary to contract-to-hire to direct hires, in almost every industry not only locally but internationally, too. Whatever you're looking for, you can count on us to find you an opening that meets your needs in Albania or abroad.

Top 10 reasons to work with Elite Jobs International

When you work with Elite Jobs International, our knowledge becomes your knowledge. Our connections become your connections. We do whatever we can to find you the right job.


  • We work for you-and that is our priority.
  • We work according to your availability; we know life happens and have flexibility built into our schedules.
  • We're ingrained in the local community and have early access to the area’s most sought-after jobs.
  • We have some of the lowest turnover in the industry, so seasoned and respected recruiters represent you to top employers.
  • We have established relationships with hundreds of employers, nationally and internationally.
  • We provide resume assistance, interview preparation, and job coaching. You won't do this alone.
  • We offer skills training and career development resources because we care about your career—not just your next job.
  • Through flexible workplace solutions, you can try out a job or an employer.
  • We're a leader in employment research and stay updated on the latest workplace trends.
  • We're believers in technology and use the latest platforms for job applications, job alerts, and interviewing.

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